The Dressmakers Diary – Week 2

When you go to a doctor or send your children to school you are confident that they are qualified to carry their professional titles. We have systems in place to insure this. So what qualifies a ‘Bridal Alteration Specialist’…literally a person qualified to alter the most significant article of clothing that a lady will ever wear.



Over the next couple of posts I will give you the opportunity to review my journey into dressmaking, and more specifically, into bridalwear. In a market where generic and often soulless traders claim to hold ‘specialist’ status, it is worth reviewing a particular journey into that specific niche.

I can recount dreamy days in my aunt’s workshop, when I was no more than six or seven years of age, lost in the seas of beautiful, colourful fabrics, staring in awe and wonder at parchments of material, clinging to female shapes that had the grace of Greek goddesses. As I sat and sewed my offcuts on the ancient ‘Singer’, I dreamed of the day when I could set a garment on those wondrous pillars of femininity that set that place alight.