The Dressmakers Diary – Week 1


It’s my biggest moan, the words grind my nerves, I sense the fury welling up inside, I am fit to be tied, the customer’s friend steps up to peruse the quality of the work and selects a section that grabs their attention. Following a glib comment on a particular aspect of my work, the words come scraping through my eardrums to sit like a crown of thorns on my heart, my brain and YES even my soul. I sense them coming long before they arrive. I know that they have been brewing for a while before they fill the air like rank perfume to stink the air and kill the moment that usually gives me joy. There is no doubt that it has been rehearsed, and probably re-rehearsed, because it is never a natural or obvious concern about the garment, it is contrived and concocted. Inevitably, that phrase will follow the wheedled negative comment, because the sole purpose for the friend being there is to say the words, nothing else really matters except creating a situation that allows her to bleat out “I DO A BIT OF SEWING MYSELF”.



WOW! It feels good to share that…it has been brewing for a long time. OHH! Does it make me sound like a crank? I’ve just read it back and I’m wondering whether to delete it or not…no I won’t…I’ll explain it. I am consumed by my passion for dressmaking and I have been since I was a child. I love meeting people who have an interest in dressmaking, tailoring, clothes design etc., especially when they come to my studio. It is important to discuss possible changes or minor alterations to the finished garment as this is what makes the garment a creation that is unique to the individual client. Constructive assertions from friends and family are always welcome as they can give the client an added confidence in the new creation. Contributions from friends or family with some experience of sewing or dressmaking are also very welcome, however, if the sole reason for the visit is to undermine the dressmaker or the quality of the garment and to engineer the space to say those words, please be aware, I sensed you coming before you rang the bell.

Next week, join me as I share my journey into dressmaking…